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A medical condition called Celiac had left me totally out of energy, motivation, will power, and ambition. It had also caused confusion, anxiety and lack of focus in my life. I was told it would be a year to a year and a half before things would improve and I didn’t have that much time to wait. Within three weeks Greg Hollingsworth has turned things around to where I am about 85% to where I would like to be. It’s great how he treats the body as a whole to cure the problem, not just mask the pain. I tell everyone that has medical problems to go to AcuPoint Health Clinic so that they too can start to feel better sooner.

from Walnut Grove, Missouri

I certainly would recommend AcuPoint Health Clinic. One day about 9 months ago I had a reason to visit their clinic to pick up something for a friend. I had been tired for a long time, and I just felt terrible. I went out to my car and thought I would just sit there awhile. Greg Hollingsworth walked up to my car and asked me to come in. He gave me a very comprehensive check up, and I was impressed with how deep he went into everything. I began treatment there because he gave me confidence in his approach to health. Within a short time he had me in much better health. Yes, I am happy to say that AcuPoint Health Clinic does far more than just push pills or treat an illness; they are proactive. They don’t wait to act before a situation becomes a source of confrontation or crisis.
J. O.

from Ozark, Missouri

I came in for a number of ailments that traditional medicines could not address. I was pleased with the approach taken and the quick results, and could tell right away I had found the right treatments for vertigo. When the aches and pains were healed almost immediately during treatment, it was like something mystical. I would recommend AcuPoint to anyone for any ailment.
R. Y.

from Springfield, Missouri

I had been losing weight due to all the medication I was on for both tremors and depression. I felt something had to be done. More or different pills were not going to help. It was either the Mayo Clinic or try acupuncture. We checked out acupuncture on the web and learned so many levels existed from 100 hours of training to years of Oriental medicinal schooling. We started at AcuPoint Health Clinic and have seen improvement in all areas. We are not done but will continue treatments.
K. A.

from Springfield, Missouri

My immediate and extended family has many health testimonies, everything from psoriasis to hearing loss, heart, and thyroid issues. Greg and his team have always felt confident in getting everyone back to optimal health. Just when you think there is no hope he gives you hope. I recommend him to everyone!

I came to Greg on a quest to end migraines and find healing from cervical cells accelerating towards cancer. Greg explained in great detail the root issue behind my problems. I took many medications for depression, bipolar and anxiety, not knowing he could heal me from those disorders, also. Within 90 days, I was free of medication and my chronic inflammation was gone, eliminating my migraines. Fast forward 2 years later today, I’m 39 weeks pregnant after being told I wouldn’t conceive. I feel like myself, I’m in control, and I live each day free of pain. Greg cares about each patient as a person – I feel treasured to have stumbled into such incredible forms of healing for my mind, body and spirit. Any health issue can achieve healing if you allow it and trust Greg.

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